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.NET Build Issues

In order to build amzinet.dll, it's necessary to make sure all the paths and environment variables are correctly set in the project properties. These are for both the libraries and includes. The system uses AMZI_DIR to find things, which should point to the amzi\apls directory.

For the samples, the C# sample at least needs the path to the amzi\bin directory added in the 'references' attribute. Also the target Framework needs to match the one used to build amzinet.dll. In the distribution one was set to Framework 2.0 whereas the build was made with Framework 4.0.


  • Another point to watch out for is 32- and 64-bit compatibility. Amzi! builds in both, but when rebuilding amzinet.dll it needs to build for the same architecture.
  • Powershell to upgrade all visual studio solutions to the latest version :

    ls -Recurse -Include "*.sln" | % { devenv $_ /upgrade }

    (make sure devenv is in ones path)

    Some solutions fail to upgrade for me with a message like ...

    Project 'hello' could not be loaded because it's missing install components. To fix this launch Visual Studio setup with the following selections:
    Install Microsoft Foundation Classes for C++

    Because I chose to install much of the legacy bits. Easy fix though.

  • The make file engine\make_win64.txt
    references a tool implib :

    implib $(APLS_RELEASE)\lib\amzib.lib $(APLS_RELEASE)\bin\amzi.dll

    which causes an error because I don't have it. I don't suppose you could slip it into the project as you did with bmake? Or suggest an alternative?

  • I will slip it into the project, although maybe the best fix is to remove that line from the make. implib is a Borland utility needed to create a library for the Borland interfaces from a long time ago.
  • OK, it's there. It's needed to rebuild the Borland Delphi interface, and there are active customers out there using Delphi, so best to leave it in the builds.
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